Greetings World!

Sitting on a back patio, basking in the light of a pale sun, caught halfway between a chilling winter breeze, and the imminent spring warmth. This is where you shall find me, M.C. Scripturus; creator of this blog, contentedly making an attempt to artistically analyse my surroundings.

I have decided to throw on my overcoat, and go where the ideas lead me, once again to my notebook. It seems that the white noise of nature-cum-urban-sprawl has led me through the chicken-scratch covered pages, to the internet.

I think a lot of things, you must know that before diving into the chaos which is my mind. I can often be seen carrying a notebook, within which I scrawl arbitrary observations in handwriting illegible to most, or can be seen in downtown cafes, yelling poetry at my city’s hipster population. Between here, there, and everywhere, my busy brain thinks all day long, cranking out anything from brilliance, to stupid, to something I’d share on Facebook.

I have my inspired moments, I have my interests, the ability to type and to write; and most importantly, I have a problem organising my thoughts.

That is what this blog is, I suppose, an organisational space, a tool where I shall share my thoughts, interests, and general observations. I’m not quite sure what this place is yet though, or what it will become. Right now, it is nothing more than a playground for my organised chaos, but I am certain that soon, it will evolve into something grander.

During the time I write here, I hope to ensnare your interest, and sense of curiosity. I hope to entangle you as a reader in the things I find fascinating, whatever they might be. (Starting with an incredible lesson on specificity). So, would you like to join me on this intriguing/partially confusing venture? This blog, this unwritten tale of dramatically produced material? This glimpse into the indescribable entropy that is my mind?


Excellent. Then welcome good reader, to The One Scripturient. -MC

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