Photo Challenge: Motion

This week, The Daily Post prompted to interpret the theme Motion, asking us to delve into the story behind our moving-photo-subjects. (You can observe the prompt here; )

These photos are from my venture to the Bio-dome in Montreal, QC. During that venture, I discovered that while regal looking waterfowl make for great photos, getting those photos is nearly impossible.

Motion 2 Motion Motion 3

You mustn’t think me mad either, when I say that these two particular birds were mocking me.

There I was, standing near the enclosure with my less-than-optimal-lens-equipped camera, trying to set up for what I thought would make a spectacular picture.
Both of them would swim by the glass, and would pause, staring dead at me, for about 30 second intervals. However, they seemed compelled to annoy me, and quickly darted off to one direction every time the shutter was about to click.

After about 20 or 30 minutes, when I was about to give up, I happened to just catch the right timing, and got both on camera. The sense of accomplishment I possessed after, was larger than it should have been.

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