The Resonance of a Word

I’ve wondered quite a lot recently, why it is that certain words seem to resonate within the mind more than others.

I’ve encountered this time and again -a nondescript day where I’ll overhear an arbitrary excerpt of a passerby’s conversation, or read through the musings of the internet, wherein a lone word will hurl itself into the path of my sight. That lone word will catch my attention, and will cling to my thoughts until it finally triggers a burst of inspiration.

Sometimes, I’ll take a moment to ask myself, what connotation can a particular word have, aesthetically, grammatically, in meaning, or otherwise -to differentiate itself from the dullness of the usual lexicon? What qualities can a word have to cause such resonance?

Perhaps you might be able to give me some answers? Have you experienced this phenomenon? What do you think causes such a thing, if you can relate to my predicament? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear! ~MC

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