Photo Challenge: Connected

Salutations wonderful reader! This week’s Daily Post photo prompt was Connected (can be viewed here- Daily Post, Connected ).
Last week, I spent a day wandering the downtown portion of my city, enjoying and photographing the atmospheric beauty, and the architectural splendor. I had a great time! I wanted to use some of those photos for this week’s prompt so that I might share the joys of the cityscape.

Train Bridge 2

Train Bridge

A web of spiraling steel beams connected to each other, giving strength to the overall structure, making it work, making it durable.

Cityscape 2

When you’re exploring the city, looking up and looking down, seeing life all around, it makes you feel connected, like you’re really there, a part of something.


A spot like this in a bookstore shows the portal where the real world connects to the world of literature, an entirely different reality in itself. Some of us cross over, and if you’re a book lover like I am, sometimes you just don’t want to come back.

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