Photo Challenge: Vibrant

With friend, camera and a semi-spilled hot chocolate in tow, I spent my afternoon out taking photos; and what fun it was! Discounting my moments of face planting down a hill and getting rained on anyway. I explored the local canals, and ventured around downtown streets, probably drawing a large number of funny looks from those passing by. A good photos came of the trip, bright, vibrant, and striking through the dull winter’s crawl.

This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was just that; vibrancy.

Jan 31st

As we walked through increasingly heavy freezing rain, the streets lit up like an Afremov painting, and I captured the sight on camera.

Jan 31st 3

An outing well worth it. Now just to complete everything with a hot drink and a hot shower.

Thanks to The Daily Post for this week’s photo prompt! Check it out here at the Daily Post! -MC

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