Quote of the Week #1: Doctor Seuss, one of the greatest modern authors


Doctor Seuss

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” -Dr. Seuss


I don’t say it often, but I believe Dr. Seuss is among the greatest of modern authors. Truthfully, he might be one of my all time favourites. Let me explain why before you think I’m insane.

Seuss was a brilliant writer, the man who brought fun to children’s books, who gave kids the gift of imagination. His books were among the first to challenge the age-old ‘moral of the story’ format, the first to encourage divergence and individual identity. It was within his words that countless kids found inspiration to read. His words raised a generation, and his literature was innovative.

And to make it even better, Seuss revolutionized the youth literary world with a smorgasbord of allegories! It was during eighth grade English, that I discovered many of the good Doctor’s books can been seen as a flat-out representations of then current events. Examples? Seuss’ Butter Battle Book is clearly about the tensions of the Cold War,  Yertle the Turtle was said by the author to be a take on Hitler’s power-hungry, authoritarian grip on Nazi Germany. Of course there is also The Lorax, one of the best recent environmental awareness pieces, as well as The Sneetches on Beaches, a cautionary tale of class warfare.

With that being said about Seuss’ legacy and his unique taste in writing, is he not worthy of proper recognition?

For this quote of the week, I chose a wise yet light-hearted Seuss quote. I believe he wanted to remind us with this quote, how important it is to keep a good sense of humour about us, and how important it is for us to add a bit of imagination to the spice up daily life.


Also, welcome to Quote of the Week. I’ll be doing this segment weekly, wherein I intend to select a notable quote from an author, philosopher, artist, politician, historical figure or otherwise;and analyse the quote(s). Included will be some of my thoughts on the author, and a brief summary of their accomplishments.

If you have a suggestion for quote of the week, I’d love to hear it! Leave your suggestion in the comments section!

Check back soon for more! Cheers! -MC

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