The Reasons I Write (Creative Answers)

As a poet with lots of hot air, I make a hobby of performance poetry in my spare time. Because of that I enjoy frequenting cafes in my city to yell poetry, or “poetry” for the local hipsters. I thought I’d start NaPoWriMo with a poem that is both near and dear to me; the first poem I ever performed. What did I recite you might ask? A limerick of course!


The Reason I Write

I once sat going out of my mind,

my interesting fantasy worlds I’d find,

but it sucked I was broke,

I could hire no bloke,

and I could find no actors to sign.


These are the words I wrote when I sat amidst a hurricane of paper and books far-flung across the room, a combination of Bee Gees and Queen music blaring. My standard thinking environment.

This was a poem to express why I write. Among other things, writing allows me to escape boredom, and allows me to conjure up worlds instantaneously, worlds far more interesting than my own. However, I’m far too poor to hire a team of actors to create my fantastical worlds.😦

Why do you write? I’d be intrigued to know, share your answer in the comments!:) -MC

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