Fear of the Other

Fear of the other,
the crucible of our time,
which boils our blood and
inflames ideologies.
The fear that overshadows
reason, deals in doubt,
decimates the rational.
Fear of the other…
it makes us forget ourselves,
a division striking down
hard sown unity,
like an enemy who is
desperate to vanquish
Some global pandemic that’s
yearning to tear us
apart like an awful plague.

Perhaps seek refuge
from all these fearful crusades…
For we are meant to conquer
the unknown; we speak
language to communicate,
despite our varied
tongues. We build ships to cross seas,
our ships to cross space, our maps
designed to chart the
vast progress into the void.

The mark of laughter
is unmistakable… and
we have poetry
to chronicle a story.
Why do we fear the other,
when the other is
so familiar to us?
Why fear the unknown,
when it’s to be discovered?

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