A Game of Chess and Numbers


Some people love playing chess. You get to play god, moving pawns around a chess board. Every move calculated with precision, the number on each side dispensable, falling like dominoes, yet some irreplaceable. It’s a game of brutal preservation, a game of running across cross-hatched squares, running from revolt while your kingdom disappears. Each numbered square virtually indistinguishable, before a checkmate materializes. Such conceptual barbarianism is comical for a thinking man’s game.

Perhaps that’s the difference between a barbarian’s game and a thinker’s game. The barbarians will attack themselves, the thinker would rather sit and move the pieces around. Like numbers on each side of a chessboard.


Thanks to WordPress’ Daily Post for this week’s photo prompt, numbers. -MC

4 thoughts on “A Game of Chess and Numbers

  1. Love your photo. This is what it seems our leaders do as they sit in their towers and play chess with our soldiers and families on each side of a war. It is just a game of chess to them and the many lives that are touched by their defeats do not even come into play. The people on each side are just pawns in the game of life. I would like to think there will come a time when the pawns rise and refuse to play the game any longer. Have a beautiful day!!

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