The Great Survivors

Biodome Flower 1

Flowers, the Great Survivors

Flowers, the great survivors.
The great and fragile survivors,
the grand and vengeful bastards,
spring forth from the ground, only
to resist the heat of blazing sun,
and the apathetic ignorance of
passive destruction,
sheltering themselves from the trampling
of daily stampedes passing by,
from the sticky fingers
of curious children, or hapless romantics,
an awkward lover bent on clichés.
They reach forth from earthen clay,
and ready themselves to steal our breath away;
giving back to the world
a new breath of fresh air.
The great survivors, tireless workers,
and vengeful bastards
willing to destroy the world
in their absence.
Breathe deeply, my friends.


A poem inspired by my floral photography work, concern about climate change, and day 11 of NaPoWriMo! An amalgamation of inspiration and angst for the future.

Photo taken on a stroll through the biodome in Montreal, Quebec. -MC

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