Poetry is […]

Poetry Is

Poetry is […]

When the sun dies out,
it’s said that it will take 7 minutes
before the last remaining light
reaches earth, and the world goes dark.

Poetry, the last 7 minutes of every
individual’s world
where stories keep the lights on,
encapsulating every colour,
every scene, emotion, and memory
fossilized in the chronicles of civilisation,
before it ends.

Poetry is the second chance
to express everything your reality
was too inept to say,
too short to capture overlapping,
or fleeting moments…
a catalyst for peaceful amends,
and weaponised words,
the embodiment of aspirations,
and terrifying vengeance.

It is the struggle to translate
experience into story,
and capture every detail falling through the cracks,
before a moment ends.

It’s the struggle to dictate
the flow of time,
before it sweeps over us.

But most importantly
poetry is, and always has been


NaPoWriMo day 1, the introduction to my work in progress poetry collection. Check back for more tomorrow! What role does poetry play in your life? Comment down below! -MC

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