The Ambition to Fly

The Ambition to Fly

The Ambition to Fly

Many of us have seen it,
many of us have lived it,
the scathing rebuke of ambition,
the dry concealed laughter
at a plague of devastated hopes and dreams.

We live an age of opportunity,
an age of awkward social interactions
on the edge of seizing the world…

And you tell me,
that I need to stop staring off into space,
that I am one poetic rant
removed from the state of reality!?

You’re telling me that daydreamers are wasting their time,
disconnected in their lofty heights,
head in the clouds,
ignorant to the expectation
that gravity will pull us down to earth:

As the old memo goes,
what goes up, must come down.

You tell me
that my best laid plans,
are young and optimistic,
yet to meet the crushing weight
of the real world;

that rigid walls
of pragmatic systems,
are immune to fragile circumstances.

But hey, my girlfriend once said
that she likes bitter things,
so at least I have that going for me now!
(And otherwise I guess this
poetry thing is pretty hot too, eh)

So, you think I’m delusional?!
Well, let me get down off my unicorn,
grab my lucky rabbit’s foot,
and lead you to the end of the rainbow!
There you shall find a leprechaun
who shall join me in explaining
the sheer force of free will!

For the dreamers,
the eager,
the zealous;
are we not to oppose the force of gravity,
to break the bonds of limitations?

To aim high, and reach the stars?
Pursue our passions
and spite the withering of age?

If we weren’t meant to fly,
and escape the constant spiral of the earth,
why have we spent so long trying?

In an age of opposition,
when have we ever
submitted our dreams?

In your tales of anxiety,
you warned me of Icarus,
told me of hubris, and burning feathers;
but friend, I am perfectly comfortable
in my lofty heights, ungrounded from the earth.
I’ve made a home in the clouds,
and a storm is brewing there.

So throw scorn on my fire,
refute my delusions,
or call me naïve:
you’ll not make a cynic of me yet;
not while radiant dreams
enlighten the sky,
and the ambition to fly remains!


National Poetry Writing Month day 2! This is where hopes and dreams start to arrive at a crossroads with cynicism… And be sure to check out the other work of this year’s writers at the NaPoWriMo website! Check back tomorrow for additional new content! -MC

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