Atlas 1


The weight of the world
is burdened with secrets and omissions,
acts of evil, and nobility;
burdened with the sum of seven billion stories.

Tragedies, and comedies,
epic journeys, dull biographies,
plagiarism, propaganda,
haiku poems, and unfinished compositions…
seven billion tales, intertwined, yet alone.

We’re so concerned with who we are,
and what we do,
what we’ll become.

But what are we, really,
beyond a great cast of characters,
fleshed out with thin skin and shallow beauty?

We’re untapped imaginations that learned to walk,
bodies of blood that learned to boil,
sacks of shit that learned to talk,
brittle bones made to crack and to mend;
all standing trial for a vision,
grasping in error at self expression,
judged before the court of public opinion,
found guilty of being human beings.

I believe we are flawed,
but that unpredictable ambition
makes us who we are.

We aren’t titans,
but consider mythology;
inspired by Atlas
who held up the world,
carrying our massive weight
upon his shoulders;
isn’t every ambitious human,
trying to do the same?
In some form,
to carry their own world?

So when you’re going mad,
finding who you are,
look up, from your hands full
of crumpled words,
and put the world in your eyes.

Hold it up for a moment,
for everyone to see,
examine its triumphs, and its failures,
appreciate its weight:

Know that every poem,
is carrying a small section
of these stories.

So write like the wind,
rue regret and chase fulfillment!

Put the world into poetry,
as if you were Atlas,
carrying our great blue marble
through the void of nothing,
on the shoulders of giants towards a future…

Lift it all, together,
carry us to orbit,
unto the epilogues of living,
a collision course with nothing,
but seven billion possibilities.

Give not a shrug,
but a titanic effort befitting poetry.


NaPoWriMo day 3! Do you have any thoughts on how the world could be united by the art of story telling and poetry? Leave them in the comments down below. Check back tomorrow for new content, happy writing! -MC

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