The Human Ship of Thesius


The Human Ship of Theseus

Do you ever feel
like you’re growing obsolete?
That with every passing year
your bones, and contributions to society
grow more fragile?
Your processors start to slow
and lose comprehension
like some obsolete technology,
displaced in a future moving too quickly
ahead of you.

On the Ship of Theseus,
one must wonder
if an object whose every part
was systematically replaced
with another overtime, remains
truly the same object.

One must wonder if we do the same…
for efficiency, vendetta
aesthetics, or dysfunction.
The human ship of Theseus
is one we’ve designed over time,
where every individual is systematically updated,
replaced piece, by piece.
The division of cells,
division of blood,
points of view and memory,
every microscopic cog that ever began to rust,
undergoing constant alteration;

instances of wooden laughter
left behind
in the pages of a notebook we forgot,
attachments stored, in hard drives we deleted;
our load bearing love, and furious rage
split within the bodies of others…
the finish of our character rebuffed,
every time it’s scratched on collision…
The design of this vessel
adapts to pressures and the influence
of the raging storms around us,
every identity on the cusp
of obsolescence,
afraid to be alone at sea.

When character grows
and its every aspect changes overtime,
can it truly be the same again?

One assumes if a ship doesn’t
adapt to its new climate,
it will sink;

and this
is how we tread water.


NaPoWriMo Day 4, how’s your progress coming along? If you have any thoughts on the poem, drop them in the comments down below!

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