About M.C. Scripturus

Hello reader! I’m M.C. Scripturus, a student, poet, avid researcher, amateur photographer, scarf aficionado. Part time cynic, one-eighth satirist, occasional comedian, and professional smart ass.

When I write, you’ll often find me in a café, sipping peppermint tea and staring perplexedly at the pages of a notebook. When I research I’ll be at home, browsing the internet and fighting insomnia. And when the need to walk about gets the best of me, I’ll be out with a camera and some thought-provoking company.

My mind is a curious one, thoughts alternating from brilliant to stupid, concerned with the state of humanity and one too many Instagram posts.

This is my blog; platform for my inspiration and storage for my organised chaos.

‘Scripturient’ is defined as a strong urge to write, an obsolete but wonderful word to describe the pursuit or peruse of passions; a word to embody the antiquated dream of perfected expression. This word is the summation of my efforts, equal parts fascination, occupation and short attention span.

Here I write poetry, recount stories and share reservations. I satirize my observations and analyse philosophy. I snapshot my surroundings and capture the past in research.

This blog is an evolution of my curiosity, and a glimpse into my personal entropy.

Welcome to The One Scripturient, enjoy! -MC

5 thoughts on “About M.C. Scripturus

      1. It’s definitely a great word! I mean, what could be better than ‘a strong desire to write?’ 😉 I was introduced to it about a year ago through a writing prompt over at Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie….they usually throw in an interesting word or two that are out of common use.


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